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Streamlined Teamwork

Work on the same design mockup at the same time without risk of overwriting or losing changes. Maintain full control over what is published to the project and what is being saved for later.

Single Source of Truth

Immediate access to the “latest version” of the design as well as all previous versions.

Be on the Same Page

See all the recent project updates and changes in your dashboard’s activity feed.

Transparent History

Inspect when, why and who made a change through the change set history log and visual difference browser.

Ease of Use

Tight integration into macOS Finder, so transition from your favourite cloud storage is a breeze.


Versions currently supports Sketch files with more formats coming soon.

How it works?

Turn a folder on your computer into Versions Project. Add your files to the project, provide a short description on what the mockups are and why you added them, and then upload.

Invite your teammates.

Edit your mockups as usual. When the updated revision of the mockup is ready to publish, click “Sync” in Sketch or use context menu in the Finder folder to start syncing process.

Review your edits before you share them with the team. Discard unnecessary changes right away, keeping only those that matter. Make sure to provide a short description of your work so your team knows what you did. Then, sync.

Access change history and design mockups from both the Versions desktop and web applications.


Difference Tool

Work collaboratively on the same design and merge design changes with ease. The “Diff“ tool allows you to eliminate version conflicts and streamline your creative workflow.

Plug in your GitHub, Bitbucket or Azure Dev Ops

Use your Git provider to store your designs alongside your code. Connect Versions to your GitHub, Bitbucket or Azure Dev Ops account, and select where to store your projects.

GitHub Enterprise user? Shoot us an email a for details.

Notify your Team About Design Updates

Automatically keep design changes in sync with your team. Communicate your changes with the entire team without hassle. Automatically notify designated team members for each design change.


Versions can be integrated with Atlassian Jira, allowing you to link JIRA tasks to designs tracked in Versions.


Sympli Versions is a secure, version-controlled hub for your design files. When we host your designs, we take your security seriously using best of breed secure servers to store your projects. Or use Atlassian Bitbucket, GitHub, or Azure Dev Ops infrastructure. Additional Git providers will be supported in the near future.

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Watch the video to figure out how to create projects, publish updates, and work with visual diffs.

Part of Sympli

Versions is integrated with Sympli so that you can seamlessly use your Sympli credentials to authenticate and use Versions.
Next on our agenda is further integration between Versions and Sympli that will give you even more capabilities as you collaborate with your design team and work to build your product with your development team. Stay tuned for updates!